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Budget Friendly Summer Travel Destinations

Brazos Bend State Park 

21901 FM 762 Rd, Needville, TX 77461 

Located a little south west of Houston Brazos Bend is a glorious retreat from the big city right in our own backyard. Brazos Bend has plenty of camping options with screen shelters, tent campsites with electricity, RV camping and walk in sites. With access to water and both bbq pits and fire pits Brazos Bend has you covered, they’ve got plenty of bathrooms and great showers plus water fountains that dispense cold water which is a total plus in the worst summer heat. And to top it all off a convenience store is located less than a mile away and a Bucky’s on the way, for those last minute forgotten supplies. Brazos bend has plenty of beautiful hiking trails, lakes, fishing, migratory birds, picnic areas and its very own observatory. Plus during the spring the park is just filled with wild flowers of all different colors. Brazos Bend is also one of the few places I see a ton of lightning bugs, every time I camp I sit by the fire watching them fly thru the meadow. And I’d say the very best thing is aligator watching, with over 300 alligators making the park home you’re sure to see at least, I just love hiking the trails along the water looking for alligators to photograph. But all those alligators means no swimming in the park so if you’re hoping to go swimming you’re gonna have to drive the rest of the way down 288 to Surfside. For this reason I recommended camping Brazos Bend during the spring, fall and winter months. It’s hot and swampy making it near unbearable in August but in December those extra few degrees above freezing are a blessing. 

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